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Every time the seasons change, towing operators are faced with a new set of seasonal challenges. With fall just around the corner, we thought it would be a good time to check in on a few ways you can be road ready.

5 Tips for Towing in the Fall

Posted by Team WreckMaster on September 13, 2019

Keep a light jacket with your gear

As the weather begins to turn colder, dressing in warmer clothes becomes a necessity. Packing a jacket that can keep you warm if the temperature drops is important. I usually recommend something waterproof that can be worn in the rain. Make sure it has the proper reflective striping or that your high-visibility gear can fit over it.


Pack a flashlight

The change in season means the sun is going down earlier and earlier every night. While most cell phones now come with one installed, we still recommend keeping a battery or crank operated flashlight with your gear or in your truck. This is especially important in the fall and winter when the sun goes down before heavy traffic is finished for the way.


Pack some extra socks

Plain and simple: having cold feet sucks, having wet feet sucks. The importance of extra socks can never be overstated.


Weather appropriate footwear

Fall means damp, wet weather and leaves. Make sure your footwear is not only able to keep your feet warm, but also has proper grip to prevent slips and falls. Finding something that can keep your feet dry if you step in a puddle or mud is also important.


Stay hydrated

This is something that not enough towing operators take seriously and it isn’t just a summer issue. Typically we spend long days either in a truck or on the side of the road. Coffee is often what keeps us running, but proper hydration can keep your energy high and your health in good shape. 


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