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9 gifts on every tow operator's wish list

Posted by Justin Cruse on December 22, 2017

There's always a thing or two you may need—or just want—even after the holidays are over. Whether you're picking them up for yourself or (subtly) sharing them with a loved one as a reminder, we have nine items every tow operator will definitely appreciate!


1. SiriusXM satellite radio kit



A staple for every operator spending long hours in the truck. There's nothing more frustrating than a radio station filled with commercials or a bad signal, especially when your favourite tune is on. Avoid it all with a SiriusXM satellite radio kit.

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2. Portable electric cooler/fridge/freezer



Keep those tasty turkey sandwiches fresh with this excellent 3-in-1 portable cooler, fridge and freezer. 

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3. Heated swiveling car seat



Those long winter days can be a pain in the butt. Take the pressure off and keep it warm all at the same time with this heated swiveling car seat.

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4. Tow truck dad keychain



An ideal gift from the kids to remind every tow dad how much they love them. 

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5. In-vehicle inverter



Many of us have a couple of phones, a tablet and even a laptop with us at all times. There's only so much our trucks can do, so help it out with this handy inverter.

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6. Tow truck driver in training



Have a tow operator in the making? Let everyone know! 

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7. Tow truck patent poster



Is it time to spruce up the dispatch office, the garage or even your man cave? This patent poster of a classic tow truck will do the trick.

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8. Bulldog car safe



Our trucks truly are like a second home to us. Keep your valuables safe at all times, even if you're just making a quick pit stop.

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9. 1949 Chevrolet Tow Truck



We're saving the best for last! This fantastic 1949 Chevrolet 3800 tow truck has had all its fixtures and trimmings beautifully restored. Perfect for the ultimate tow enthusiast, or truck collector!

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