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covid-19 Update

Posted by David Bouvia on May 20, 2020



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How your team is costing your tow business money

Posted by David Bouvia on June 11, 2018

The tow operator and dispatcher have a unique relationship. Whether that relationship is based on mutual understanding and respect or on assumptions and misinformation will determine the dynamics of your team, the number of calls you can respond to, the satisfaction of your customers, your reputation among incident commanders and, ultimately, your business success. Here’s how you can create the strongest relationship possible.


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How to jump start, recover and tow a hybrid vehicle

Posted by David Bouvia on August 10, 2017

As our appetite for fossil fuels continues to increase, the automobile industry has recognized the need for alternative fuels. Let's explore how to tow hybrid vehicles, the most popular type of vehicle in North America that uses an alternative fuel.


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