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How to Check the Date Code on Tires

Posted by Team WreckMaster on January 14, 2019

The US Department of Transportation and most manufactures recommend investing in new tires every five to six years with the maximum useful service lifetime of a tire being no more than 10 years.


Topics: Tow truck safety, Useful towing tips, Light duty towing

5 PPE Accessories you should have before you even leave your vehicle

Posted by Team WreckMaster on December 1, 2018

When performing any sort of service, safety is of the utmost importance. Working in a dangerous location such as a highway or busy roadway can often become even more unsafe due to weather conditions or lack of assistance from first responders such as police or firefighters. And while most states and provinces have some sort of Slow Down, Move Over law in place, drivers often don’t provide the space required for operators to conduct recoveries in as safe of a setting as possible.


Topics: Tow truck safety, Useful towing tips

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