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Is it important for a towing operator to dress professionall? WreckMaster Lead Instructor Scott Aey explains why in this month's Instructor Insight.

Instructor Insights - Dressing for success

Posted by Team WreckMaster on February 5, 2019
You're passionate about towing operators putting pride into their appearance. Why do you believe that it is important a tower looks professional?
First of all, you don't get a second chance to make a first impression. It helps put the customers at ease and this image is what sets companies apart from one another. If we want to be recognized as professionals we need to start with our personal appearance dress for success
If you know that your clothes will just become dirty throughout your work day, why bother putting this effort into your appearance?
Your clothing isn't just for your work, it's for personal pride! Yes, they will get dirty but it is still a uniform. The only contact a customer has with a company is with the employee that stands in front of them. When a customer is looking at you, they are judging you company.
How do you recommend a tower dresses? Is there anything in particular they should do? i.e., wear a shirt with a collar or tuck in their shirt?
A tower Should be dressed in a company uniform with the company logo on it. This uniform should be a professional looking uniform that distinguishes the tower from the every day person. It should also recognize them as a professional operator. The shirt should be tucked in and the boots should be tied. With your boots tied tight, you are not only making yourself look good, but being safe and ensuring that your boots won't slip off or the laces won't get caught in any equipment. 
There are a few PPE items that operators are required to wear while on the job. Why do you feel they are important?
The personal protection equipment the tower is required to wear makes it easier to distinguish the tower from a barrel. Unfortunately this does not protect us from being hit by the motoring public, but it can help reduce the risk. It can also help prevent injury from cuts, bruises and falling object.s Additionally, wearing this equipment can allow the tower / family to be compensated if in fact a tragedy occurs.
Is appearance limited to the operator? Or should they be putting the same effort into keeping their truck clean and organized? Why or why not?
No, it’s not limited to the operator. We should have a clean everything. That includes your work truck. Image is everything! It is what's going to set you and your company apart from your competitors.
Do you have any tips for young operators on how to dress or deal with customers?
Young operators need to dress in the company uniform and always maintain a good professional attitude. A young operator should explain to the customer what they’re about to do and show they are confident in their skills. This will help gain the customers trust. 

For young operators reading this, you need to always remember: There are no second chances are first impressions.
Have any tips on dressing professionally? Add a comment below!

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