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Loading a casualty with a missing wheel can be tough.But with the right tools and knowledge, this difficult job can be tackled by any light-duty operator.

Loading with a missing wheel

Posted by Scott Aey on February 19, 2019

Damage to a casualty's wheels or axles can make any job tough, particularly when it prevents the vehicle from rolling freely.

It can however be just as difficult to load a vehicle onto a carrier bed when a front or rear wheel is missing. To avoid further damage vehicle one of the following steps can be taken while loading a vehicle onto the carrier bed.

How to load the casualty

Fitting a WreckMaster skate to the brake rotor of a vehicle using the molded slot on the top of the skate will allow the vehicle to move along the ground’s surface with significantly reduced resistance. Then, after the carrier bed has been appropriately angled and lowered in front of the vehicle, a second WreckMaster skate can be used as a ramp by flipping it upside down and keeping it in line with the skate attached to the brake rotor.

Then, simply manipulating the carrier ramp to be in line with the top of the lower skate, the vehicle will slide safely on the deck.

Loading with a broken suspension or ball joint

In situations where there are suspension or ball joint issues, a more advanced technique is likely required. By inverting the heels of two WreckMaster skates so they are opposing one another and locking the teeth together, you can place a block of wood on top of the skate assembly for the vehicle to rest on, resolving a suspension or ball joint issue.

This is a key example of a commonly used piece of equipment carried on your truck that can be repurposed for other uses.

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