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Be safe out there Part 5: What about Murphy's Law?

Posted by Justin Cruse on July 18, 2018

It's show time. Before you give the green light on your recovery, transport, tow, repositioning or relocation, remember that once things are in motion, it's wise to expect the unexpected. Known the world over as Murphy's Law, a tow operator who has followed the previous four steps of the Wreckmaster Discipline is as prepared as possible. Here are our last pieces of advice.



The Wreckmaster Discipline has five steps to ensure a safer, faster tow or recovery, with each step corresponding to one of the letters in the word 'SCENE.' 


S stands for “SURVEY”

C stands for “CALCULATE” 

E stands for “EXPLAIN”

N stands for “NOs”

E stands for “EXECUTE”


Our first article covered 'SURVEY,' where the operator checks out every detail at the scene and puts together a plan.

Step two, 'CALCULATE,' covered calculations to determine whether your equipment can safely recover the casualty.

The third article, 'EXPLAIN,' provided some tips to communicate effectively on scene.

'CHECKING FOR NOs', step four, offered two checklists for a final inspection.



Executing the job—engaging the winches to cause the casualty to move in a recovery situation or beginning to move the towing transport vehicle—is the final step of The Discipline.

Executing the job can be the most risky part of the activity. Towing and recovery involves a very fluid flow of mostly predictable events, but when things start moving there are uncontrollable and unforeseen circumstances that can arise. Surface conditions can change, visibility can be obscured, power units or rigging can fail, loads can shift or rotate, shock loading can occur—anything you can imagine that might go wrong can go wrong, in the worst possible way and at the worst possible moment.

We call that Murphy's Law. The Wreckmaster Discipline minimizes the likelihood of Murphy's Law through better control of the elements involved in towing and recovery. Consistent, methodical performance wins the day and will get you paid. Do it once, and do it right.

Safety is paramount. As tow operators, our ultimate goal is to make it home to our loved ones, and we must adopt every reasonable precautionary measure into our routines to minimize the chance of injury, damage or loss. It's no one else's job—it's ours, as the tow operators on scene.

Poor old Murphy gets blamed for many things that could have been prevented, if the tow operator had the knowledge to predict, correct or manage the situation. This article series has certainly given you some tips to stay safe out there, but to see the unforeseen and predict the unpredictable, you need to learn what to look out for and try it out for yourself. 

WreckMaster courses are a perfect way to make sure Murphy doesn't take the blame for problems we could have prevented ourselves. Chances are, there's a course being offered near you.


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