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What's with the new logo? 5 of your questions answered

Posted by Justin Cruse on March 23, 2018

WreckMaster has looked and sounded the same for more than 25 years, so it’s no wonder that when I revealed our new logo and website to our instructors, there was some grumbling. Change is hard, but “because we’ve always done it that way” has never been a good reason to do something. If it was, my dad and uncle wouldn’t have started WreckMaster in 1991! Here’s why I'm excited about WreckMaster’s new look, and why I think it will help to change the way the world looks at the towing industry.

What's the story behind the new logo?

When I looked up ‘hexagon’ on Wikipedia I got excited. There’s a video that shows a hexagon being drawn with one full circle and two half circles, connected by six lines of equal length. The way I see it, WreckMaster is uniting a fragmented and fiercely competitive towing industry under six values: knowledge, professionalism, confidence, safety, integrity and community. I like the strength, simplicity and symmetry of the icon. I think it’s going to appeal to people outside towing, which is important as we work for the recognition we deserve. I also like the fact that it looks a bit like a stamp of approval—because that’s what being a certified WreckMaster is. It’s proof to the world that you know what you’re doing.


What's going to stay the same at Wreckmaster?

Our team of instructors and the quality of the hands-on training we offer won’t change—except maybe to get better.


What's going to change?

We need to talk to different people if we want to get tow operators the safe work environment, fair compensation and respect they deserve. We want government agencies, the insurance industry, auto clubs, and the consumer to realize that when you hire a WreckMaster, you’re getting the best in the industry—and it’s worth paying for the best. We also want to be doing more to help tow company owners build successful businesses. Our new partner program will help company owners increase their revenue and decrease their expenses, using training as the tool to accomplish both.


What's your big dream?

I will feel I’ve arrived when a towing company can afford to send out a second truck to be a physical barrier between the work scene and oncoming traffic to keep its operators safe. I’d also like to see the industry supporting a single national association. But my biggest dream is probably to have a high school graduate choose to become a tow operator because it’s a skilled trade with good career prospects—safe, respected, exciting and well paid.


What are you most proud of?

WreckMaster is really the product of every person who’s taken a course. Every question a student asks us helps us refine our curriculum. Every request a student makes strengthens what we offer. So that’s what I’m most proud of—the WreckMaster we’ve built together.


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