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The WreckMaster challenge is an opportunity for operators to keep their skills sharp by solving a realistic situation they may find themselves in on the road. As they say, if you don't use it, you lose it.

WreckMaster Challenge: February

Posted by Team WreckMaster on February 11, 2020
You have been dispatched to recover a skid steer that has become stuck at the bottom of a 15° grade. Due to the location of the skid steer, you have to back down the grade to get close enough to perform the recovery.
The tow truck you are operating has a gross vehicle weight of 13,260 lb. With the front axle weighing 5,860 lb while the rear axle weighs 7,400 lb.
After successfully winching the wheeled skid steer out, the wrecker's rear axle has become mired to tire depth. The front axle is on a soft surface.
On the scene, there is a dump truck at the top of the hill that can be positioned directly in front of the tow truck. There are two attachment points on the rear of the dump truck.
You are able to move the wheeled skid steer to position it on the driver's side of the tow truck with it lined up just in front of the rear axle. The bucket has an attachment point on it.
The wire rope has been run off the end of the boom to a snatch block attached to the skid loader, from there the line is run through a snatch block attached to the driver's side rear attachment point of the dump truck. From there the line is run through a snatch block that is attached to a two-legged bridle attached to the front of the truck that is stuck. The hook end of the wire rope is then attached to the passenger side of the dump truck.
The rear brakes are set on the dump truck with it sitting on hard-packed gravel. The wheeled skid steer is sitting on hard-packed grass with all of its brakes set.
The angle of the sheave head is at 90°
The angle of snatch block A is at 10°
The angle of snatch block B is at 30°
The angle of snatch block C is at 70°

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