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WreckMaster challenge: october

Posted by Team WreckMaster on October 29, 2019

When the driver of a semi pulling a flatbed trailer loaded with a steel coil that weighs 23,348 lb, he discovered the axles on the semi were overweight. You have been contacted to lift the coil high enough off the deck of the trailer to allow the driver to pull the unit forward to re-position it. 

The steel coil is 4'6" wide with a thickness of 2'2". The height is 3'.  

You are operating a 30-ton wrecker with a wheelbase of 225". The rear axle weighs 13,500 lb while the front axle weighs 12,500 lb.  Once you arrive on the scene, you find the coil is loaded shotgun style. After doing some calculations, you know you will need to have 80" of overhang to perform the lift with the boom at 30 degrees. The wrecker is equipped with a 3/4 steel core wire rope with a WLL of 14,7000 lb. 

On the wrecker is a WreckMaster 8" buckle with a WLL of 50,000 lb. The rigging on the truck includes a variety of round slings orange 40,000 lb, Blue 21,200 lb, wear-pads, fire hose, coil-edge protectors, Grade 100 chain in 1/2, 5/8 size in lengths from 6' up to 16'. 10"/15-ton snatch blocks. 

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